Detective Chinatown 3

Detective Chinatown 3

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Film type :                           Cinema films

Investment status :            In progress

Recommendation index :  5 star

Subject matter :                  Comedy

Filming schedule :              2021-2-12


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Tokyo happened another big case  after Bangkok, New York. Chinatown detective Tang Ren and Qin Feng  were  invited to solve the case by the detective Noda Hao .Detectives from the "CRIMASTER World Detective List" also gathered in Tokyo to join the challenge, and the appearance of No. 1 Q makes the big case more complicated and confusing, and a contest between the most powerful detectives in Asia is about to be launched.he head of the Korean consortium, Han Jae-in, was killed during the "armistice" agreement with the president of Japan's Black Dragon Co., LTD., Katsuya Watanabe. Katsuya Watanabe was under suspicion,then  hired Qin, Tang and Noda Hao to help clear the grievance;Three people "come across" with the South Korea hired to find out the case "crazy probe" Park Daji on the way to investigate the case for many times ;The detectives from three countries  show "its ability"  on the investigation way , make a lot of jokes.


Sicheng Chen

Sicheng Chen

Baoqiang Wang

Baoqiang Wang

Haoran Liu

Haoran Liu

Satoshi Tsumabuki

Satoshi Tsumabuki


Sicheng Chen /Sheep Without a Shepherd(2019),Detective Chinatown I, II


Baoqiang Wang/Detective Chinatown I,II, Lost in Thailand,The Island(2018),accumulative total box office 14.93 billion

Haoran Liu  /Detective Chinatown(2015-2018),Legend of the Demon Cat(2017)

Satoshi Tsumabuki/Detective Chinatown 2,ドラえもん,The Assassin

Market Analysis


2015 Detective Chinatown I(box office 823 million)


2018 Detective Chinatown II (box office 3397 million)


Bonus sharing method : Cinemas dividends

Release Time : 2021-2-12

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